YD0401 Bear Hunt Story Pack

YD19 - We're Going on a Bear Hunt

This pack will encourage children to talk, play, read and write as they explore the story We're Going on a Bear Hunt.

The pack includes eight double-sided plastic story cards showing Helen Oxenbury’s fabulous illustrations. Measuring 275x210mm, the front of each card depicts a scene from the story whilst the reverse offers talking points and related activity suggestions for small groups. Ideal for exploring focused areas of the story and story sequencing activities, these cards are durable for use both indoors and outside.

The 32-page guide, written by independent literacy consultant Jane Bunting, is bursting with We’re Going on a Bear Hunt activities to use across the curriculum. It includes a wealth of related ideas including role play, making puppets, shared writing, photo stories, sending a bear home, investigating grass and mud, finding a way to help the family safely across the river and inviting the bear to explain his version of events!

Ideal for two players, the ‘Find the bear’ board game encourages children to use language as precisely as possible. Players have to find a path through the landscape that will take them to the bear by asking sufficiently discriminating questions about the things they meet on the way e.g. ‘Should I cross the river with the roaring water?’

A Resources CD-ROM offering a range of printable materials to support and extend the learning including an editable book list, themed writing papers, outlines and concertina book templates and even a pair of bear ears! A collection of colour photos are also included with images of brown bears and polar bears in their natural habitats plus a range of bear hunt landscapes – grassland, woodland, mud, water and snow scenes.

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