Crazy Fables

CR30 - Crazy Fables

This double sided flip book allows children to build familiar fables and nursery rhymes as well as mixing stories up to create their own.


Story spinners 1

CR53 - Story Spinners

Struggling for inspiration? Don’t know what happens next? Here is a simple and innovative answer that will enthuse every young writer.


story starter writing cards 2

CR54 - Story Starter Cards

These unique thought provoking photo cards will ignite pupils interest and stimulate story writing.


CR61 Sentence Spinners

CR61 - Sentence Spinners

Talk before you write to develop a greater vocabulary and use more exciting words and phrases in your sentences.


Grammar & Sentences Directory

CR65 - Grammar & Sentences Directory

When broken down into simple structures and functions, grammar is so much easier to understand! This newest addition to our much-loved directory range provides explanation and examples of: parts of speech, punctuation, types of sentences, sentence features and structures.



CR68 - Verbs at Work

Practice past, present and future verb tenses.



CR69 - Grammar Activity Cards

Take the stress out of teaching grammar and punctuation with these easy to use laminated, write and wipe activity cards.


writers directory3

CR7 - Writer's Directory

A versatile resource, the Writer's Directory provides excellent visual support for pupils during all writing activities.



CR70 - Creative Writer's Directory

Create rich text, interesting characters and great storylines with our new Creative Writer’s Directory.



CR71 - Blank Cards

Design your own chute cards with this pack of 52 blank cards.



CR72 - Syllables Level 1 Cards

Use these cards to develop students understanding of syllables.



CR73 - Syllables Level 2 Cards

Use these cards to assist students understanding of syllables in more complex words.



CR75 - Yesterday & Today Cards

Practice spelling verbs in the past or present tense with these 50 reversible Chute Cards.



CR76 - Inference Cards

Students use previous knowledge and the information on each card to answer inference questions.



CR77 - Main Ideas Cards

Read the sentence and choose which multi-choice answer best describes what the main idea is.


writers directory1

CR7a - A3 Writer's Directory

Help your children reach their writing potential with this front-of-class A3 directory.



CR86 - KS1 Grammar Frieze

Simple explanations of each grammatical term in the UK curriculum are given on large 310 x 260mm panels.



CR87 - KS2 Grammar Frieze

Simple explanations of each grammatical term in the UK curriculum are given on large 310 x 260mm panels.


CR88 bundle

CR88 - Grammar Bundle

Save money with our Grammar Bundle - Use the cards alongside the friezes for both KS 1 and KS2.



CR89 - Word Classes

Every word belongs to a word class which defines the ways it can be used in grammar - Match the word class to examples used in a sentence and its definition.



CR90 - Plurals

A noun is normally changed into a plural by adding the suffix -s or -es Examples of different morphology in the plural are also given such as mouse to mice; and spelling rules such as baby to babies.



CR96 - Sentence Flip Book Level 2

NEW - Teach your class how to add detail and further information to writing using fronted adverbials, prepositional phrases and co-ordinating clauses.


UMW13 Group

UMW13 - Story Writing Cards

Our Story Writing Cards are designed to be used with the Early Story Writing Pack, these cue cards provide children with a quick visual reminder of the key elements needed within a simple story.



UMW20 - Question Cue Card Pack



UMW5 2016

UMW5 - Early Story Writing

This pack is invaluable when developing early story writing.



YD24 - Tell me a Story Sequencing Cards

Develop sequencing skills while exploring six popular traditional tales with this colourful card set.



YD25 - Handa's Surprise Story Talk Cards

Join Handa on her journey to her friend Akeyo, sharing in the secret of what is happening to the fruit in her basket.



YD26 - We're Going on a Bear Hunt Story Talk Cards

Picture books provide rich opportunities to explore language and extend vocabulary.



YD27 - Traditional Tales Storybook set

This set includes all six of our traditional tales in a picture book format for the price of five, complementing the big book versions.