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BK13 - Speech, Language & Communication Pocketbook

Most children develop speech, language and communication skills instinctively - But what about those who don't? Without the fundamental spoken and written skills that underpin all types of social interaction and lead to success in education and beyond, they are vulnerable to academic, social, emotional and behavioural problems.

Victoria Mason and Emela Milne - a secondary teacher and a speech and language therapist, both working in mainstream schools and specialist provision in Worcestershire - address the issue. They begin by defining SLCN (speech, language and communication needs), identify who has SLCN and go on to share support strategies and techniques that will help you to help your students.

The book includes chapters on attention and listening, understanding language, speech, using language, vocabulary and social communication. The authors include great references to Language for Learning and in true Pocketbook style, it's full of clearly presented helpful information and genuinely useful ideas.


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