BK2 - Identification, Assessment and Intervention

Developed to support the work of speech and language therapists and specialist teachers, this book provides a comprehensive guide to supporting children’s speech, language and communication needs in mainstream schools.

Complementing both Language for Learning in the Primary School and Language for Learning in the Secondary School, the book helps you to:

• Understand the current context, legislation and national guidance for supporting children with SLCN
• Understand the link to the new SEND Code of Practice, the Local Offer and adopting a graduated response to SLCN
• Understand speech, language and communication skills
• Identify and assess children with SLCN in mainstream schools
• Determine intervention at a universal, targeted and specialist level
• Identify strategies and interventions

Identification, Assessment and Intervention includes an extensive strategy, intervention and resource bank along with a wealth of photocopiable tools, resources and materials, giving therapists and specialist teachers the confidence to help children with speech, language and communication needs more effectively in mainstream settings.

Developed by Sue Hayden, specialist teacher and Emma Jordan, service manager and specialist speech and language therapist.
A4 colour manual, 116 pages


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