When we find a good resource we want to tell everyone about it!

Language for Learning aims to offer really practical strategies to support children and young people in their early years or mainstream setting. We want to share resources that we use and promote on our training courses, including national initiatives such as the Communication Commitment.

We are keen to share new resources, reviews of old favourites and your feedback on any resources you have used and liked. If you would like to send us some feedback, please email us using our contact page.

Resources 2020

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The Communication Commitment


The Communication Commitment is a simple way to develop a whole-school approach to communication that is tailored to the needs of your school. Developed by The Communication Trust in partnership with schools, the Commitment will help you make communication part of your school's policy and practice in order to get the best outcomes for your pupils.

The Communication Commitment is divided into five areas to help you address every aspect of communication development across school. Each area has straightforward and achievable actions to move your school forward with communication. You'll choose one from each area to create your own Action Plan to take forward and make your Communication Commitment. The Communication Commitment has 3 simple steps to help you work out what you need, decide what comes first, create your individual Action Plan, and signpost you to the most suitable and effective resources to help you on your journey. This includes practical resources and training available from Language for Learning.

Make a commitment to take a whole school approach today, visit The Communication Commitment website to find out more or download the Communication Commitment Handbook for more information.

Communicating the Code


The Special Educational needs and Disabilities (SEND) Code of Practice 0-25 years provides statutory guidance relating to the new Children and Families Act 2014. It outlines the new legal duties on organisations which work with and support children and young people with special educational needs and/or disabilities.

Communicating the Code has been written by The Communication Trust and gives additional information in relation to children and young people with SLCN to support practitioners to implement the Code well, to ensure children and young people's needs are identified and supported as effectively as possible. It aims to:

• Summarise a number of areas in the new Code of Practice
• Highlight some key issues for SLCN in the new Code
• Identify some key strategies which may be useful in overcoming these issues
• Suggest some indicators of success
• Identify and signpost to examples of good practice, and other useful information

Drawing on the latest evidence base and including the landmark Better Communication Research Programme this is a comprehensive, essential guide for anyone working with children with SLCN.

Download the full document here: Communicating the Code

Language for Learning in the Primary School


The long awaited second edition of Language for Learning, first published in 2004 and winner of the NASEN/TES Book Award for Teaching and Learning in 2005.

Fifteen years have passed since our original publication and we still receive positive feedback about how the book offers practical ideas and solutions. Language for Learning in the Secondary School was published in 2012 with a simple format and specific guidance on adopting a whole school approach. We have employed the same framework for this edition for primary schools and hope our original readers will find something new to support their work in mainstream classrooms.

Available from our online shop today or download an order form.

Apps for iPad and iPhone Users

Calling all iPad and iPhone users!

Check out Mark Ashley's website for SLCN friendly Apps

Language for Learning in the Secondary School


Our new secondary book, Language for Learning in the Secondary School was published in 2011. The book employs the same easy-to-use format as the best-selling Primary version but has been adapted to meet the specific needs of secondary school teachers. The book provides an introduction to SLCN at secondary level and the Language for Learning Model of Speech, Language and Communication Skills with the addition of 'thinking skills'. A range of identification tools and tips for observation and assessment at secondary level make up the following chapter. We then turn to a whole school approach, identifying roles and responsibilities for the entire school staff, parents and young people; creating a language friendly environment and ideas for working across departments. Opportunities and challenges are explored within subject areas with direct links to strategies to help subject teachers plan effectively. The final chapter is packed full of practical strategies to support students develop a range of speech, language and communication skills.

Order a copy of Language for Learning in the Secondary School from our online shop or download an order form.

'This book has been a very useful tool for our school. I am now able to offer strategies for all subjects in school. Thank you!' Chel Corbett, Hanley Swan High School, Worcestershire.

'This resource has been brilliant to support teachers to understand SLCN and implications in the classroom. It has given us a common language to discuss communication challenges. It has also helped us to set targets in the light of the new OFSTED framework and select appropriate key strategies quickly and easily.' Tina Meagher, Head Therapist, St Catherine's School.

Show Me DVD and Primary Resource Bundle


Our Show Me DVD is designed to help practitioners to enhance their teaching practice to support children with speech, language and communication needs at a universal level. The DVD shows you how to put a range of Language for Learning strategies into practice. To make life easier we've bundled together some of the key resources demonstrated so that you are able to change your practice straight away.

The primary bundle includes the DVD, DVD handbook and the following resources:

What is it Poster;
KS 1 & 2 Word Association Cards;
Instant Task Management Board;
My Workboard and Cards;
Active Listening Cards;
KS 1 & 2 Seeking Clarification Cards.

Visit our shop for more information.

We have a free copy of the Show Me DVD for all Worcestershire schools and early years settings. Collect your DVD when you attend a Language for Learning or Worcestershire SLCN Pathway training session or through the Every Child a Talker programme.

Sounds into Words


We are extremely pleased to publish this brand new resource Sounds into Words. Written by Jo Johnson, a specialist teacher and qualified speech and language therapist Sounds into Words is a highly structured, photocopiable resource that helps you to differentiate the Letters and Sounds Programme for pupils who are struggling to develop blending and segmenting skills.

By the end of this programme children should be able to read and spell vc and cvc words within short phrases. It is based on the letter groups from Phase Two up to the consonant digraphs of Phase Three of Letters and Sounds.

The programme is designed for pupils with speech and language needs who are struggling to develop phonic skills beyond single letter knowledge. It can also be used to support any pupils struggling to acquire the simple alphabetic code.

The programme contains seven sections each focusing on a small group of letters with a set of six tasks that develop letter sound correspondence, oral blending, blending for reading, caption reading, word comprehension and segmenting for spelling.

In addition the programme includes homework tasks and an assessment to establish a baseline and track progress. This flexible resource can be delivered individually, in pairs or small groups. Each session follows the same format and contains detailed guidance. It can be delivered alongside whole class teaching or be used as a catch up intervention for children of any age.

Order the book from our online shop or download an order form.

Speech, Language and Communication Needs Pocketbook


Emela Milne, a speech and language therapist working in the Worcestershire team and Victoria Mason, a specialist teacher working in Worcestershire have written this brilliant little pocketbook all about SLCN.

The book begins by defining SLCN, helps school staff to identify SLCN and goes on to share support strategies and techniques. The book includes chapters on attention and listening, understanding language, speech, using language, vocabulary and social communication. There are clear links and references to Language for Learning too!

In true Pocketbook style, it's full of clearly presented helpful information and genuinely useful ideas!

A bargain at £9.99 available from our online shop.

Story Spinners


We have extended our range of resources to support story telling this year to include this brilliant set of spinners.

If you're struggling for inspiration or don't know what happens next, these spinners are a simple and innovative answer that will enthuse every young story teller. The set includes who, what, where, when, why and characteristics.

Take a look at our range of resources in our online shop or download our 'Story Telling' flyer

Talkabout Resources


Language for Learning has promoted the Talkabout resources for a long time. Alex Kelly is a brilliant presenter and has visited Worcestershire to train school staff on many occasions. There is a whole range of new Talkabout resources this year, including a version for primary aged children, an assessment tool, a game and small group activity cards. These large our NEW resources Talkabout Sex & Relationships 1 and Talkabout Sex & Relationships 2

Visit our shop to see the whole Talkabout range of resources.

Talk about... Series


These are some of our very own 'home-grown' resources! Developed by Yellow Door in conjunction with Worcestershire NHS Speech and Language Therapists Jacqui Woodcock and Liz Spooner these beautiful photo cards are perfect for vocabulary development. They are organised into everyday categories and on the back of each photograph are a list of activitity ideas. The packs also include a CD Rom so that you can print your resources as you need them or use the ready made sorting activities on the whiteboard. Genius!

Our particular favourite has to be the 'How we feel' pack. The photographs convey a range of emotions perfectly and because they use a plain background and the same four children throughout pupils can really focus on the facial expressions without getting distracted.

Talk about... series is available from our online shop.

Word Aware


Language for Learning has supported and promoted this approach to teaching vocabulary skills for some time so we are very excited to get our hands on the much awaited book!

Anna and Stephen have packed the book full of practical ideas to support vocabulary development at a universal and targeted level. The book provides a comprehensive and structured approach to learning with a multitude of activities and lesson plans. It encourages schools to adopt a whole school approach but is equally effective for specific classes and groups or individual learners and is effective for teaching children who speak English as an additional language.

Order the book from our online shop or download an order form.

The Communication Trust


The Communication Trust has produced an extensive range of resource materials - for practitioners and for parents, including a range of resources, posters and literature developed as part of Hello, the national year of communication. These resources are all available to order or to download on The Communication Trust's website.